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    If you would like to have a website made or get better rankings in the search engines with the web site you already have, you've come to the right place. We only design websites for businesses that provide services, not products.

    We do not use software programs & pre-designed templates to create sites, unlike most companies. They are all "made from scratch", the graphics and images are original, and each one is designed from the ground up with that specific customer in mind.

    The cheapest website design package we offer is a 2 page website for $500. This will usually consist of a homepage which describes your business and the services you offer, and a contact & pricing information page. Additional pages will range in cost from $100 - $200 per page, depending on what you would like on these pages.

Although there are many small details that will go into the creation of your website, these are the main things we do in the process of designing a 2 page or more website.

• We work with you to get all the information (text & pictures), & color preferences, you would like placed on the website, and use that information to create the content & layout of your site.

• We create a custom background for your pages, we can make an animated background, a color background or an image background.

• We create a few custom graphics to add to the appeal and "look" of the site. We make sure all graphics and images load quickly, so your visitors don't have to wait for the page to finish loading. (if webpages load too slow, visitors go elsewhere!)

• We optimize the pages to ensure that they can be found in the search engines when people search for "key words" that are important for you to be found with. Click here for more details about what this involves.

• We submit the site to the most important "Meta" directories such as Best of the Web! (BOTW gets alot of traffic and also has a high page rank, it's well worth the submission cost) ,, web directory,, and others. We do not submit websites to DMOZ because we, like many others, feel it is a corrupt directory that has become obsolete and spammy.

• We make a copy of your website and put it on a CD to send to you in the "snail" mail. In case anything ever happens to your website, you will have an copy of the original. (This is one of those things you will probably never need, but if you do, you are very thankful to have it).

• We do not sell domain names or provide hosting, we do help you with the process of buying a domain name and "hosting" for it. (if you own a domain name, you still need to have it "hosted" in order for it to be active and online) The initial startup cost for the domain and hosting will range from $25 to $ 35 (depending on which provider you use), after that you pay a monthly "hosting" fee. This is a very simple process and if you can use e-mail, you can purchase a domain and hosting, if you have any problems though, we will help you with every step if necessary.

We use and recommend Yahoo! Web Hosting

If you would like to see
an example of how the process works,
click below to read the e-mail correspondences
that took place during the process
of creating a custom website design
for a client.

Custom Website Design Example

If you are interested in our freelance SEO services, or website design, just drop us an e-mail and tell us what you want. Please feel free to ask us any questions at all.

*** We do not accept jobs from more than one website or company providing a specific service in a specific area. For example, If we have already been hired to do SEO work or design work for a dentist in Houston, we will not accept another job from a dentist in Houston. Similarly, if we have been hired to do work for an engraving company that provides national service, we will not accept another job from a national engraving company.

*** A Word To the Wise...much of the work we do is what we call "clean up" work. People often have websites that are designed by web designers who don't know anything about search engine optimization. The customers expect their new website will now bring them business and they come crashing down to a hard reality when they realize that even though their new website looks nice, it does not bring them any business from the internet because it does'nt "rank" well in the search engines. These sites sometimes cost more money to "fix" than they costed to have made.
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