SEO - Search Engine Optimizer
What is an SEO / search engine optimization?

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimizer).
    A search engine optimizer is basically a webmaster that understands how search engines work and is able to make a website easy to find for people searching the internet. This is known as search engine optimization.

For example... Lets say that you are a dentist in Summerlin, Las Vegas, & the name of your dental clinic is "Smiles in Summerlin Dental". Lets also say that you already have a website for your Summerlin dentist clinic. NOW... just because you have a website does not mean that people are going to be able to find you on the internet. Sure they may be able to find you if they are looking specifically for "Smiles in Summerlin Dental" because there probably are not too many web pages that have that name on them. The REAL question is weather or not people see your website in the top few listings when searching for "dentist summerlin", or "las vegas dental clinic", or "las vegas dentist" and so on. The more "terms" or "keyword phrases" that relate to what you have to offer that people find your website listed under, the more visitors you will get. Along those same lines, the higher up your website appears in the list of search results for "las vegas dental clinics", the more visitors you will get. It is a known fact that most people, when doing a search online, usually click on one of the first few results on the first page. If they find what they need, they do not go any further. This is where the "SEO" [search engine optimizer], & search engine optimization comes in.

   Search engine optimizers understand the ever changing algorithms that search engines use to determine the order that the results are returned in when you do a search online. To sum it up..... Just because your dental clinic in vegas has a website, does not mean that it will be found in the first few results for a search on the keywords that are important for people to be able to find you under. This is what an [SEO] does and is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

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