Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing Your Site For The Search Engines

The Very Basics of What We Do...

* We go through the "code" that is used to create your pages (including the meta tags), to make sure it is structured in a way that allows the search engines to index / list it correctly & completely. Sometimes the coding of the pages will need to be completely redone, (this does not mean the "appearance" of the page will change).

* We check the site thouroughly to make sure there is nothing on it that may cause it to be penalized by the search engines.

* We make sure the pages contain the necessary text on them in order for your site to be found when people search for keywords that are related to your business.

* We submit your site to some of the major internet directories, this is done mostly because it usually increases your website's "rankings". Websites generally do not get much traffic from "meta" directories, about 95 % of most website's traffic comes from search engines.

* If you do any paid advertising for your site, such as PPC campaigns, we will offer advice on how to more effectively manage your PPC so you get the most quality visitors to your site for the least amount of money.

What We Don't Do...

* We are familiar with all of the optimization practices and techniques that will get a website banned or penalized and we do not use any of these techniques. We practice safe seo techniques, the "cool kids" like to call this "organic seo" these days.

* We do not submit your site to "1,000's of search engines". This is just a gimmick people use to get your money. 3 major search engines are responsible for 93 % of all internet traffic, these are Google, Yahoo and MSN. The only thing submitting your sites to thousands of other search engines will get you, is a bunch of spam in your e-mail.

* We do not make phony guarantees such as, "we will put you in the number one spot on google's search engine at, or yahoo's search engine at, or, for the keywords of "pet store New York" or "pet store dogs for sale".

*** Optimization changes that are made to a website do not affect it's rankings in the search engines instantly. For example: even though google may show that your site was just "crawled" yesterday, the changes made to the site may not visibly affect your rankings for weeks, even a month or 2. Yahoo works differently and takes less time.

*** We do not accept jobs from more than one website or company providing a specific service in a specific area. For example, If we have already been hired to do SEO work or design work for a dentist in Houston, we will not accept another job from a dentist in Houston. Similarly, if we have been hired to do work for an engraving company that provides national service, we will not accept another job from a national engraving company.
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