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The Truth About SEO's "Search Engine Optimizers"

The reason we at ODB only do SEO work & website design for businesses that provide services and not products, is the same reason that many of the best SEO's in the country only work for themselves.

    Almost all web design companies also offer SEO services or "website promotion". However, many of the best SEO's do not work for these companies. Almost all SEO's also know how to design websites. If an SEO is really good at what he or she does, and they are able to get a website in the first few search results for the key words that are important to that website, they would rather work for themselves. Here's the simple reason why....

I'm an SEO "Search Engine Optimizer", why would I want to make a large product site for you?
   Let's say that you own a health and vitamin store in Las Vegas, and you want to have a website designed. You contact us to inquire about what the cost would be. You explain to us that your company sells health and vitamin products. Then we politely explain to you that the ODB Company only designs websites for people & businesses that do not sell products. The truth of the matter is that because we know we could get your health and vitamin website in the first few results for it's important keywords, we would rather create a health & vitamin website of our own. Unless we charge you at least $40,000 or $50,000, we would make more money by setting up a free affiliation with a health and vitamin manufacurer or a "drop shipper", and keeping around 10% to 20% of the all the sales we could generate through our own health and vitamin website, forever. There is a company for practically every product under the sun, that already has some type of "affiliate" program in place where a website owner can send orders for products directly to them and they "drop ship" the order straight to the customer that ordered it from your website. All the website owner has to do is set the website up, do the SEO work on it, and collect a paycheck every month for about 15% of the sales, for as long as that company is in business. If your a good SEO specialist and can get that website in the top few positions of the search engines, that 15% can be A LOT of money, every month! This is why we at ODB Company only design sites for people and businesses that do not sell products. It is also the reason that many of the best SEO's in the country only work for themselves.
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