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" Creative, easy to use, easy to find, fast loading websites
designed & made from scratch, not a template or software. "

    We are no longer providing website design or SEO services. We are in the process of transforming this site into an informational site designed to help your average joe be better informed on how to have a successfull website. We will also be providing a link to another individual or company that provides design and SEO services as soon as we feel we have found someone "good enough" to recommend. If you click on the link near the bottom of this page titled "SEO's - The Truth About" , you will see why it is not an easy task finding a good SEO or a website designer that works for someone other than themselves.

    We specialize in SEO & website designing for businesses that provide services, not products. We will only do site design or "SEO" work for your company or business if it does not sell many products, a few products are okay.

    If you would like a website designed, or you would like the site that you already have, to "rank" better in the search engines, e-mail us & let us know what your needs are. Unlike most companies, at ODB Website Design Company, we do not take every job we can get, but we will respond promptly & politely to any inquiry.

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with your questions, needs, or for a price quote.

* Our prices may seem high, *
but the more you educate yourself as a consumer,
and the more you understand the quality of the work we do...
the more you'll wonder why our prices are'nt higher.

If you are the victim of a "$100 website", be warned that our SEO services will probably cost more than the site you paid for.

Custom Website Design
Read e-mail correspondences between ODB & a customer to get an idea of how the process works from start to finish.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO phone consultations

Magnetic Business Cards
Custom designed cards.

Custom Made Banners
Have a banner made to promote your website.

SEO's - The Truth About...
Find out why good SEO's are hard to find & often cost a lot of money.

SEO ? What is a Search Engine Optimizer?
This is a basic description of what an SEO is, and does.

Website Design - Las Vegas
    We do not promote our website design & SEO company services by advertising or placing links to ODB Company on the websites we design or optimize (except our own ODB directory sites). When website design companies add a link to their site, on the sites they create, it does not help the customer's site, or it's positions in the search engines. You will not see a link or any mention of ODB "ODB Website Design Company" on our customers sites.

    We don't call people looking for business, we don't send out e-mails looking for business, we don't spend any money on advertising & we do not have more than 1 website (spam), for our SEO / website design company.
We're not that desperate because our reputation precedes us and word of mouth from our clients is all we need.

    This web site is intentionally void of any pictures and graphics and does not at all demonstrate our capabilities. The goal was to make it simple and concise so that you, the potential customer, could quickly find what you want to know.

"A good SEO or Web Designer is like a good Lawyer, they don't chase ambulances for customers"